Use of Current Loop Converters as Rugged DC DC Converter

The world of electronics, electrical and communication is very vast. The vastness can be understood by analysing the importance of the electrical and the electronic components in the various fields like the industries, railways, vehicles etc. The converters, that are the components of the electronic world, play the vital role in making the current loop converters functional. These converters are the best examples of rugged DC DC converters. These current loop converters have changed the way of the electrical signalling system.

What are Current Loop Converters?

 Current Loop Converters are the types of DC-DC converters that have a significant contribution in the electrical signalling. These devices are used to monitor and control pairs of conductors remotely. In this type of converters, only one current at a specific time flows through it.

Places of Applications

The loop conductors have proved their mettle in almost all segments so is in the industrial units. The major place of the utility of current loop converters is in the industries that have the 4-20 mA current loops for the control applications of the process. At these sectors, the converters are used to carry signals from the different process instrumentation to PID controllers, Programmable Logic Controllers, and the SCADA system.

Another application of these loop control DC-DC converters, as industrial DC DC converter is that these converters pass on the controller outputs to the devices like the control valves that are also called as the modulating field devices.

Advantages of the Loop Converter

The advantages of the loop converters have made these converters one of the popular electronic devices to be used in the industrial segment. Some of the advantages of the loop converters are-

·        These converters have the simplicity

·        These converters are noiseless

·        Some of the loop converters can be powered by the current loop power, hence, removing the worry of managing a separate power source

·        The range that is 4-20 mA is considered as the principal standard that most of the industries follow

·        The converters have the ability to power the remote devices too

·        It can be carried onto very long distances

·        The fluctuation in the voltage does not affect the accuracy of the signals

·        Conversion to voltage becomes easy with the help of a resistor

Electrical Characteristics

It is a known fact that the availability of the voltage limits the maximum resistance of the current loop. The current loop interface use voltages much higher and cannot be interconnected without the level transistor circuit.


It can be said that the current loop converters are a part of the commercial dc dc converter. The importance in the industrial utility has added a significant credit to these converters. The fact cannot be neglected that for the transmission of the signals in the industrial units, the loop converters (4-20 mA) play the more crucial role. Since the converters have been successful in coping up with all sorts of situations, therefore, they have been able to earn the name of rugged DC DC converter.